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Looking for new league members (very avtive league)

By Beers
4/04/2022 5:00 am
The German NFL is looking for new players.

We are about to enter our 12th season and have at least 13 users who have been playing for several seasons. So the league should remain interesting in the future.

Link: https://german-nfl-league.myfootballnow.com/

We play with original team names and logos.
Now, however, some teams have become free.

No fear. The league is called German NFL because most of them come from Germany, but the forums are mainly written in English and if something should be unclear, we can help.

For each new manager I try to reset the dead cap to zero.

Kansas City Chiefs (record 4-12)
A franchise that has yearned for success for years.
Always known for the first overall a number of years ago, it would be nice to find a new manager here who could finally pull off a positive season, even if things are bound to get tough in the same division with a Super Bowl contender (Chargers).
All draft picks are still in place.

Houston Texans (record 8-8)
In Houston, you don't always know what you're up against.
The team is certainly not bad, but has always just missed the playoffs.
You have one of the best WRs on your prime and a few stars on defense too, but can a new manager take the next step?
All draft picks are still in place.

Indianapolis Colts (record 3-13)
A franchise spoiled by success and two Super Bowl winners has now had its worst season.
The team does have good players, but they are probably close to retirement. Is the Colts time for a rebuild or can a new manager make the playoffs again?
Draft Picks: Rounds 1, 5, 6 and 7

Green Bay Packers (record 6-10)
The Cheeseheads have always had a manager and this season they have been controlled by the AI for the first time. So the basic framework would have to be in place first.
You have a talented young QB, a good receiving corp and there are some interesting players in defense too.
All draft picks are still in place.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (record 9-7)
Unfortunately, the multiple Super Bowl winner is without a manager again. There have been several managers who have won the league with this team before, so the luck probably lies in East Florida.
The team is definitely getting on in years, but should be easy to handle again quickly.
There is no first rounder in the draft, but there are 10 picks.

Atlanta Falcons (record 5-11)
The Falcons have somehow always been number two in the NFC South for years and have mostly never been able to move ahead of the Buccaneers.
The team is now a bit older and is probably about to be rebuilt.
A new manager is being sought for this.
All draft picks are still in place.

New Orleans Saints (record 5-11)
The Saints were well organized by one manager over the years until he left for the Bengals.
Since then, the franchise has been looking for a new GM.
The squad has a lot of young players and was also in the playoffs last season.
Good receivers and even the best TE dou in the league can be found in Louisiana, it just takes someone to point the Saints in the right direction.
All draft picks are still in place.

Carolina Panthers (record (5-11)
The Panthers were long led by a Manager until he left the team.
In the beginning, the franchise was very successful (Super Bowl Contender), but it's been a long time since this team made the playoffs.
The secondary is certainly talented, but the right manager is still missing in Carolina.
All draft picks are still in place.

We would be happy if you are interested and become a part of our league.

Re: Looking for new league members (very avtive league)

By Beers
4/05/2022 2:24 am
Chiefs and Packers are gone !!!