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Training camp 2078

By Pernbronze
5/01/2022 9:32 am
Roller coaster of a camp for the Racers. 1-1 pick Bowen was supposed to be a safe bet at 28 vol. He busted +8/-5 anyways. Still a star player who will be a top level DB for his entire career. The next 4 all boomed with 3 boasting high end starter ability and the 4th boasting low end starting ability.

Then the next 5 picks were cut busts. Harvey stayed on at WR solely by virtue of his speed and a lack of depth at WR. 3 of those cuts were dead cap cuts which will hurt next season during fa.

This was followed by a high talent TE. Only 50s for speed but great otherwise. He'd be an excellent starter for most teams. Unfortunately he resides at a position of extreme strength and will be my go to backup at TE and FB.

My final pick was a cut bust.

When all was said and done I came away with 5 starters all at positions of desperate need, a great player as a backup, a terrible wr backup but better than what I had. And 5 cuts.

Given the quality and positions of need upgraded I am predicting a strong playoff push from my team this season.