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Re: ~1977 Pro Bowl Rosters~

By Braindeadkidfromouterspace - League Admin
4/14/2022 3:41 pm
MLF Pro Bowl



QBs: Robert Caster Knights, Thomas Mendez Blues, James Armstead Bombers

RBs: Jack Maule Blues, Dominick Johnson Hawks, David Her Blues, Wayne Thomason Riders

WRs: Fernando Phillips Knights, David Donaldson Knights, Earl Bonney Stallions, Larry Scott Bombers

TEs: George Williams Blues, Peter Haas Blazers, David Simpkins Bombers

LT: Donald Cave Autos
LG: Alton Patterson Blazers
C: Dwayne Ellis Stallions
RG: Brian Bourgeois Bulls
RT: Gary Becker Stars

D Line: Louis Tracey Racers, Clarence Footman Bombers, Joshua Kessler Stars, Kenneth Butler Rhinos, Walter Cunningham Kings, Roland Moorman Miners, Mark Ross Blazers

LBs: David Crane Autos, Marc Jones Tigers, Billy Kidd Admirals, Evan Smith, Riders, Connie Keaton Blazers, Steven Martinez Knights

DBs: Robert Montgomery Blues, William Sehorn Stars, Keith Alcock Bulls, Glen Hatfield Marauders

P: Roy Bonomo Bombers
K Donald Tineo Riders

QBs: John Rasmussen Pioneers, Kellen Mond Grizzlies, Patrick Bradley Sharks

RBs: Dalvin Cook Grizzlies, Allen Waters Pioneers, Jose Lee Bulldogs

WRs: William LucianoSharks, Quentin Calvert Grizzlies, James Coulter Americans

TEs: Kenneth King Sharks, Timothy Mercado Firebirds, James Hampton Warriors

LT: Todd Arguelles Grizzlies
LG: Jacob Anderson Sharks
C: Martin Hancock Mustangs
RG: Mark Hunter Sharks
RT: Gregory Collins Sharks

D Line: Todd Bower Sharks, Trevor Perez Grizzlies, Bernard Taveras Tigers, Buddy Boice Admirals, Charles Ritchie Bulldogs, Dante Rock Admirals, Allen Paige Grizzlies

LBs: Marc Jones Tigers, Johnnie Laymon Pirates, Billie Kidd Admirals, Mark Watson Americans, Carl Hopkins Mustangs, Mark Boser Tigers

CBs: Danny Jones Breakers, Raymond Yap Bulldogs, Kenneth Story Mustangs, Herbert Houseman Tigers,

P: Chris Morales Generals
K: Mark Clifford Sharks
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Re: ~1977 Pro Bowl Rosters~

By drogers
4/14/2022 8:43 pm
Danny Jones! Our lone rep making us proud.

Now lets get him DROY!

Re: ~1977 Pro Bowl Rosters~

By TheAdmiral
4/15/2022 8:28 am
Hmm, 10 wins, 0 Pro Bowlers - punching above our weight :o)

'We don't need no stinkin' Pro Bowlers'

Re: ~1977 Pro Bowl Rosters~

By Braindeadkidfromouterspace - League Admin
4/15/2022 6:55 pm
I am punching very much below our weight in this league, and I have some catching up to do.

Also all content is meant for entertainment purposes, and I hope nobody gets offended. I go by the #s

Annual awards will be posted tomorrow!

Congrats Warthog, and Bruno. You guys really dominated this year, and we’ll all be trying to catch up next season.
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Re: ~1977 Pro Bowl Rosters~

By Bruno77
4/15/2022 7:39 pm
Appreciate the congrats, looking forward to future seasons. Don't sweat any disagreements, the content makes the league better regardless, for which we have you to thank.