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Annual League Draft Grades/Post Training Camp Grades

By Braindeadkidfromouterspace - League Admin
2/10/2022 12:37 pm
Nice drafting, GMs

This forum will be dedicated to 1st round grades, and then post-training camp grades every draft.


1 - Coming off the board first overall for The Indianapolis Racers is Patrick Bradley of Penn State. Thee most pro ready QB in the draft - it was a foregone conclusion that he would go # 1 overall. He has all the tools, physical, and mental.

2 - Off the board 2nd, to The Generals, goes Stuart Sowell. Young, undeveloped, and from a small school, Sowell also has all the physical tools. A prototypical pocket passer - Sowell has the potential to be an absolute superstar at the next level with the right coaching.

3 - Going to The Grizzlies 3rd overall is running back, Junior Myles. Slightly undersized, and young, Junior makes up for it with his lightning speed and change of direction. With strength way above his weight class - he packs a punch. He has a lot of work to do on his route running, and pass protection, but Myles has all-pro talent if he can live up to it.

4 - Carl Barry goes 4th overall to the LA Stars. Young, and unrefined we see why The Stars like him. It is unknown how The Notre Dame star will perform at the next level. He struggles with accuracy at times, and can tend to lock on to one receiver, but with the right tutelage we wouldn’t be surprised if Barry lives up to his potential.

5 - With all the hype surrounding Madison, we’re surprised he didn’t go sooner. The Miners took thee most pro ready offensive prospect in this draft. Madison will be a nightmare for defenses at the next level. Lightning fast, and lightning sharp. He just understands complex defenses like a QB.

6 - The Boston Admirals take the first defensive player off the board in Dante’ Rock. A nightmare for offenses during his time at Oklahoma, he has the speed to get around the edge, the strength to bullrush, and every move in the book. He’ll need to be better against the run, but all the ability is there.

7 - The Miami Marauders take Offensive Lineman, Jeffrey Turner, here. Strong, disciplined, quick, with strength off the charts. This mauler can play anywhere along the line, and will eat defenders. True Hog Mollie

8 - The KC Mustangs go QB here, and take a young rookie from a small school, here. Yong Keel is young, but extremely intelligent. He’s very mobile, consistent, and has a lot of untapped potential. And man he can throw. He struggles with his non traditional release, but this can be corrected at the pro level.

9 - Daniel Strong comes off the board 9th to the Chicago Barbarians, and the marriage just makes sense. What a consistent bell cow he has been over his career, and coming in he’ll be ready to light up defenses with his speed, and intangibles. Off the charts.

10 - The Carolina Breakers take CB Danny Jones with the 10th pick, and good luck NC South WRs. Danny Jones was nicknames Danny Dimes in high school, because he can stop on a dime. Fast, quick, strong, and disciplined.

11 - With the 11th overall pick, The Atlanta Blazers select David West, SLB, Florida State University. Some had him going as high as # 1 overall as he is one of, if not the best athlete in this draft. He’ll fit perfectly in Coach Emerson’s heavy blitzing D.

12 - The Bombers go D with their first pick here in Robert Estep out of UCLA. Tall, consistent, and aggressive were words we heard about Estep over and over again. Perfect technique, and footwork - he just knows where to be.

13 - The Houston Bulls got their guy! Garland Copeland to The Bulls was the most consistent mocked pick, and somebody knew something. Who would have thought Copeland would fall to 13. Coming from the SEC he won’t have much trouble with the pro game.

14 - Put Allen Walters up there with the best athletes in this draft at any position. Game changing speed, but in a tight end… There’s really not a position he can’t play. The Pioneers with the great pick at 14.

15 - The Cincinnati Kings select WR Brian Johnson out of Auburn. He ran a 4.4 at the combine, and that seemed disappointing, which is crazy. Absurd quickness, and plays much faster than that 4.4 40. Catches. Everything.

16 - James Martin was protected as high as #1 in many mock drafts. Size, strength, and speed. This Notre Dame prospect lands in an absolute perfect place with The Firebirds. Sack leader alert.

17 - Earl Bonney out of South Carolina. He’s smart, plays with his body, and isn’t afraid to go up and get those tough catches. He translates especially well to the pro game, and is as polished as a rookie can be.

18 - The Warriors found themselves a 3 down back here with Robert Price out of Duke. He does everything well, and is most certainly one of the bell cows of this draft class. With a non existent offensive line at Duke he broke every school record they had.

19 - With the 19th pick, The Washington Americans select Arnold Porcaro, running back, Maryland. He’s young, but what he lacks in experience he makes up for with every physical gift there is. He wasn’t asked to catch a lot of passes in school, but the ability is there.

20 - Joe Shirley is San Francisco’s selection here, and they may have found their perfect guy to lead them. A prototypical pocket passer, but with good pocket awareness. He’s not known for his deep ball, but his accuracy has improved leaps and bounds since school.

21 - The San Diego Sharks take Nathaniel McCool from Miami at 21, and they get a proven weapon with great size. He was a running back until high school when he shot up to 6’ 3”, and he played Tight End in college, and in his professional career so far, but he can play anywhere.

22 - With the 21st pick, The Bulldogs select Quarterback, Donald Chavez, a very similar QB to Carl Barry who he replaced at Notre **** for his senior year, and absolutely lit up the FBS with 38 TDs and only 5 INTs.

23 - At nearly 300 lbs, Dana Harrington ran a 4.56 40 yard dash at the combine. That’s faster than some running backs. With his combination of size, and speed - Harrington will be a nightmare for offenses no matter where he lines up for The Autos.

24 - The Dallas Marshalls nab the first tight end in Albert Phillips out of Auburn. Some young players play like veterans, and Phillips does just that. Smart, agile, and strong, and he loves getting in the trenches. He even played long snapper all 4 years at Auburn.

25 - The Tigers go defense with Marc Jones, LB, University of Miami. Can line up in the middle or on either side. Strong, and smart, and can cover running backs with ease. A heavy hitter that will cause turnovers.

26 - The Toronto Rhinos are starting with the trenches with Raymond Salyer from Texas A&M. An Athletic freak at 300+ lbs, Salyer manhandled defensive lineman in college, and from every position along the line. A very natural swing guard with fluid motion and footwork, but the size, and ability of a all pro tackle.

27 - The New York Knights take Joe Hanson, SS, Michigan. He can play either safety position, and has played CB with high levels of success. A fluid athlete with flexible hips, and off the charts quickness. Hard hitting, and big energy guy.

28 - At # 28, The New Orleans Pirates select Johnnie Laymon, LB, Michigan. A raw talent, but true all star potential. Ran a 4.4 40 at his pro day. Known for hard hits, and stuffing the run in college.

29 - The Seattle Thunderbolts take Derek Winfield, the superstar running back from Florida. A three down bell cow that played WR in high school. Get him the ball in space. Excellent pass catcher out of the backfield, lets see how he handles the pro game.

30 - The Memphis Blues go RB as well with Jack Maule out of Delaware. Maule and Winfield were both projected as having high first round talent so good job getting your guy here. Fast, well rounded, and hard working.

31 - Evan Smith falls all the way to The Denver Riders at # 31. The last draftee invite off the board. Smith was a 5 star recruit out of high school, and was thought of as the # 1 overall pick had he come out last year. He just knows the game.

32 - To end the first round, The Tampa Bay Barracudas select tight end, Ramon Adams, out of Illinois. Another 5 star recruit, Adams is fast, and big, but raw and undeveloped. Has all the tools, and work ethic, and seems to have landed in a great spot with Tampa.