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Re: The Original Franchises of The Major Football League

By Braindeadkidfromouterspace - League Admin
2/03/2022 12:19 pm
Welcome GMs to your Major League Football Franchises
F$%& it. I'm gonna post Brent Leaches full franchise descriptions, because even though they don't make sense for the timeline of the league (or fictional players and coaches he names) they're pretty glorious.

National Conference EAST

The New York Generals!
General Manager - Gustoon

The Generals were named after their first coach/owner General Robert McKinley.
The Generals lost the second MLF Championship in 1941 to the Cleveland Bulldogs on a last second field goal 23-21.
They would not make it back to the championship game until 1947 when they beat the Detroit Autos 20-10.
The Generals went on to lose two more championships to Cleveland in the 50's.
The last championship came after the 2003 season led by QB Gary Millen & RB Otis McNeill.
After the retirement of Millen after 2007 season Tim Collins took over.
The team is still has one member of the championship team in All-Pro WR Stanley Robinson.
The running game is good but not great with RB Edric Bennett & FB Chad Lanning.
The defense is solid with middle LB Kevin Jones, DE Jabeer Kana-Jue & CB Mike Webber.
Here are the current uniforms that have gone unchanged except for the addition of the secondary logo.
The alternate is worn the week of veterans day to honor all the veterans of our military services.

The Boston Admirals!
General Manager - Hondo

The franchise dates back to 1913 when the team was known then as the Portsmouth Pros from Portsmouth, OH.
They played in many independent & Ohio leagues.
They remained in Portsmouth until 1932 when QB Bob Bell bought the team & moved them to his native city Boston.
The team was named after his dad who was an Admiral in the Navy during World War I.
In 1940 they joined the MLF & have been one of the most decorated franchises winning 10 championships.
The last 20 years have seen more last place finishes than first.
After an 8-8 finish in 2011 Head Coach Sherman Gray has found himself on the hot seat.
Offensively, RB Greg Payton had his best year by rushing for 1325 yards & 7 TD's
However the QB position was never settled because first round pick in 2008 Rick Kenney could not win the job from veteran journeyman John Breaux.
The most disappointing part of the season for Coach Gray was the defense.
2010 All-Pros DE Paul Manley had only 3 sacks & CB Donald Knight missed most of the season with a torn ACL.
Here is their current logo & uniforms that have gone unchanged for the majority of their history.

The Washington Americans
General Manager -

John Henry Jones III is the current owner of the team & is a part of the longest tenured family to own a team in the MLF.
His grandfather started the team in 1940 when the PFL disbanded & the MLF started so the Americans were the first new team of the newly formed MLF.
Washington struggled for few decades losing to long-time rivals Boston, NY Generals, & Philadelphia more times than they won.
However in the 70's the Americans started fielding some great teams with Hall of Famers QB Bobby Sturgill & RB Floyd Gaines who led the team to two championships with HC John Jenson.
In the 90's Hall of Fame QB Troy Gaylen became the all-time passing leader & finally won a championship in the 1998 season
More recently the team has been lead by HC Tom Shurtz, RB Jamaal Burris, & QB Alex Gilbert.
The team has won a lot of games but has only won one playoff game under Shurtz in seven years.
Washington has a good defense with DE Quincey Ratliff & CB Marvcus McClellan as well as one of the most sought after coordinators in the league in Pat McIntyre.
Shurtz is hoping this is the year for them to have a great season & post season.
Here are the current logos & uniforms that were tweaked in 2002 with the addition of the secondary logo, wordmarks & alternate jersey.

The Philadelphia Tigers
General Manager - DrDeath00

The Tigers got their name from their owner E.C. Denny who played at Princeton.
He wanted his team to be the best in pro football like Princeton who was the best in college football at that time.
However that did not happen as the Tigers have never won a championship even after playing in the first MLF championship losing to the Cleveland Bulldogs 20-7.
More recently they have been very up & down under the direction of head coach Joe Selmon.
Last year was a tough time with long time starter Daunte Banks who was a part of the famed 1999 QB class was benched by the end of season & was not resigned after 13 years with the team.
Detroit backup QB Jeff Gannon was signed after leading the Autos to a 10-6 record when Marcus King went down.
The running game struggled all year long with RB Antonio Walker only averaging 3.3 yards per carry.
They have one playmaker in WR James Randle who did have 9 TD's last year.
Defense needs a boost from #1 Draft pick DT Mike Fraser to help DT Michael Skinner & S De'Angelo Sanders.
Many thought Selmon would be gone but was given one more year.
Here are the current uniforms

National Conference WEST

The San Diego Sharks!
General Manager - Bruno77

The Sharks have been an average team for its 40 years of existence.
Several times they have almost became the LA Sharks.
Although they have not had much success they have had some of the best running backs in league.
The teams number one draft pick was RB Johnny Simms who ended up with a great stats but not many wins.
The team continued the success in 1989 when they drafted hall of fame RB Billy Allen.
Allen had a great career but also led his team to a championship game after the 1994 season only to lose to Miami.
In 2009 the team did it again when they drafted RB D'Andre Barber number one overall.
Barber in three years has rushed for 4628 yards & 38 TD's.
One thing San Diego has never seemed to have is a franchise QB.
Current QB Quinn Davis is not considered one either & many believe he is holding the team back.
WR Bobby Owens has shown some big play ability but the team does not have much else beside Barber on offense.
2nd year head coach Gill Gilbert is hoping to improve on the 7-9 record last year & has targeted on improving the defense.
The first step was trading up to draft playmaking CB DeMario Harris this past year to help DE Ray Mitchell.
Free agent signing of DE Amir Williams should also help.
Overall this San Diego team can compete in a weakened National Conference West Division.
Here are the current logos & uniforms

The Kansas City Mustangs
General Manager - MrTraciiSynn

Mustangs started out in Los Angeles as the first west coast team in the MLF in 1944.
In 1959 MLF reached a deal with the struggling All-American Football League & 4 of their teams to become a part of their league.
The Baltimore Stars, the leagues best team & winner of the AAFL championship 4 out of its 6 seasons, needed a new home as the league already had the Bombers so the Stars were moved to Hollywood.
The Mustangs could not compete with the Stars on or off the field and attendance for their games dropped to average of 15,000 per game.
In 1961 the league was looking for a new home & owner for the struggling franchise or feared contraction might occur.
After looking at both Miami & San Diego markets Kansas City was offered the franchise mainly because of strong ownership proposal led by Jack Hart a former player & coach in the MLF.
The new ownership group wanted to keep the name & history of the team as they thought it would create a natural rival with the St. Louis Stallions.
The turn around for the franchise started in 1965 when Jack Hart gave up some ownership control & became the head coach.
He led them to several playoff appearances in the late 60's & early 70's including two title games but could not win the championship.
He is still Kansas Cities all time winning coach.
In the last few years head coach Tommy Bratkowski has been trying to get there with some mixed results.
In 2008 in his first year at the helm they signed highly sought after QB Dan Hollister & RB Ronnie Miller to huge free agent deals.
As a result they were successful the first two years going 10-6 & 11-5.
In 2010 they dropped to 9-7 & out of the playoffs.
Last year was even a bigger disappointment finishing 6-10 with Miller only playing in 5 games.
This is an aging team built on free agency on offense & a stingy defense led by All-Pro LB James Durant but many fans feel this could be the last year this team will be together.
Here are the current uniforms plus a throwback they debuted in 2009 which is a tribute to their Los Angeles days.

The Phoenix Firebirds!
General Manager - CrimsonWolfZ

The second franchise selected for the 1988 expansion almost did not happen as LA won the bid to receive another team.
Marc D'Angelo, the owner of the LA Stars, did not want another team in his stadium so he sued the MLF to stop the expansion since the vote was 25-1 against the 26 year old owner.
After a couple of hearings the owners agreed to wait until the next expansion for LA & chose Phoenix.
It was agreed that the Stars would receive a percentage of whatever the cost of the franchise was if LA was to get another team.
Phoenix did not have much success the first 20 years of the franchise.
The last four years has been a lot better under coach Ron Raye including the last two NC West Division Titles.
The key has been versatile QB Shaun Brooks & the running game of the powerful Lashon Edwards & the speedy Deuce Davis.
All-Pro WR Eric James is also one of the best in the game.
The defense is solid led by DE's Ron Simon & Chucky Diogu & CB's C.J. Arrington & Renaldo Ariza.
Here are the logos & uniforms

The Portland Pioneers!
General Manager - Blondie1977

The Pioneers where the brainchild of Portland Energy Exec George Anderson.

He was very persistent in trying to acquire the franchise for Portland that he offered to buy several teams including the Buffalo Bullets before they were relocated to Minnesota.

Finally Anderson & Commissioner Morelli agreed to a deal with the consent of Tubby Richards for Portland to receive the second franchise bid in 1964.

Legend has it that Anderson would have started his own league if he was not allowed to submit a team.

The team was mildly successful the first 10 years especially when compared to other expansion teams of the decade.

In 1973 Anderson wanted to rebrand his team & had seen the recently made Portland flag. He loved the diamond star that represented Portland & asked the designer to make a logo based of that for his team.

Portland has in the last few years went through several head coaches.They are hoping that first year head coach Mike Ferrera can stop that trend.

First round draft pick QB Kellen Randall is phenomenal athlete with a big arm who they hope they can build a franchise around.

2010 pick RB Kevin McAllister has struggled with injuries both years but has shown a lot of ability when on the field.

Charles Porter has came on & provides the big play ability they have been looking for at WR.

Defense has been suspect but does have 2011 first round pick DT Tony Powe who is a beast inside who compliments DE Akili Jackson.
Here are the current logos & uniforms

National Conference SOUTH

The New Orleans Pirates!
General Manager - JohnWayneShooters

In 1972 New Orleans & San Diego became the 23rd & 24th franchises of the ever growing Major Football League.
The MLF was having their best years ever & already had stated they would expand again in four years which ended up being pushed to six.
New Orleans owner Dan Merritt was a big fan of Pirates.
He actually called himself the Corporate Pirate & was set on calling his team the Pirates.
Miami owner Don Williams was against the idea because he was afraid it would affect his brand.
Merritt agreed to make the identity different because he wanted his team to be modeled after the Pirate Jean Lafitte anyway.
New Orleans struggled for a few years until 1977 when they drafted QB Bart Sadowski.
Sadowski went on to lead the team to 9 playoff appearances but never won a title.
He finished his career the all time leader in almost every major statistic in passing.
The last few years have been ruff but hope has returned with hiring of head coach Danny Sheppard in 2010.
QB Chris Bruener & WR Ahmad Abdur-Sahim are two young players Sheppard is hoping can take them to the next level.
Bruener led the league in interceptions last year & must reduce those to be effective.
The running game has been an issue & must improve from the 3.1 yards per carry they had last year.
If the offense comes along then they will have some help for the second best defense in the league.
All-Pro S Von Cato leads the defense along with All Pros DE Quinton Graves, DT Barron Thomas, LB Peter Bullock, & CB Chris McCleon.

The Tampa Bay Barracudas!
General Manager - Rialto

Tampa was the first team selected for the 1994 expansion.
In a name the team contest Barracudas won barely over runner up Rays.
The team has been competitive over the years but really has hit their strides in the last five years with the arrival of head coach Buddy Zimmer.
In 2010 they had their best season going 13-3 & making the MLF Championship only to lose to the Los Angeles Stars 35-17.
Many fans thought the season was over before it began when veteran QB Ken Bannon went down with a season ending injury.
Untested backup QB Curt O'Hara took the helm & never looked back.
However he had a lot of help from bruising RB Barry Morris, WR's Calvin Martin & Terry Stallworth along with a great rookie TE in Mark Kelly.
The defense is strong with DE's CJ Bryan & Bryan Hicks along with CB Anthony Webster.
Here are their current logos & uniforms that were redesigned in 2011.

The Dallas Marshals!
General Manager - loanBlood

In 1960 Major League Football started to expand & John "Tex" Livingston II received the bid for a franchise for Dallas.
He started out calling his team the Dallas Texans but could not use the name because a Dallas business man had already trademarked the name to be used in football.
He decided to brand his team the Marshals because he was a fan of western movies & the name fit the star badge he had in mind for a logo.
Dallas competed in 4 of the first 6 MLF Championships of the millennium & winning three of them with Hall of Fame QB Ron Pawlawski at the helm.
After the retirement of Pawlawski in 2005 head coach **** Harris was hoping for the same success in replacing Pawlawski that he had in replacing All-Pro RB Tyronne White with RB Nick Thomas in 2004.
To replace Pawlawski, Harris turned to 2nd year QB Jake Miller to guide the powerful offense with the likes of TE Dan Magnum, the aforementioned RB Thomas, WR Tyrell Simmons & who many consider the best T in the league Ervin Alston.
The results at first were not what Dallas fans expect. Even with a defence that lines up All-Pro DE Ezra Ebe, DT DeMarr Ford, & CB Malik Taylor the Marshals had not won a playloff game
However that all changed in 2011 as Dallas made it back to MLF Championship but lost to the Indianapolis Racers in what many expected to be Head Coach **** Harris' last game.
In the off season Harris said he wanted one more title and was coming back with Dallas expected to be one of the favorites going into the season.
Here are the current logos & uniforms

The Carolina Breakers!
General Manager: - drogers

In 1999 the MLF was heading into the new millenium with record earnings. Every team was profitable so expansion was in the air.
The city of Charlotte was awarded one of two franchises to begin play in fall of 2000.
Owner James Reinhardt decided to let his team represent all of the Carolinas.
He wanted the team name to do the same so the Carolina Breakers were born.
The team experienced moderate success early on under the veteran leadership of QB Jesse Long.
However in 2008, the Breakers had the worst record in the league & thus the #1 pick.
Head Coach Rick Kollar was hired & they drafted one of the most excited young players in the league in QB Donovan Jackson that same year.
Jackson led them to a 10-6 record & a playoff berth after going 6-10 the season before.
Jackson continued to impress with 35 total touchdowns, 3827 yards passing & 852 yards rushing.
Kollar is still looking for more pieces to the puzzle on offense that will compliment Jackson, WR Steve Bruce, & All-Pro G Leonard Moore.
The defense was good but not great with DT Shawn Duckett, DE Jermareo Williams, LB Shedrick Clarke, & CB Devin Bennett leading the way.
Carolina is looking to improve on last years playoff appearance.
Here are the logos & uniforms

National Conference NORTH

The Chicago Barbarians!
General Manager - Action-Jackson

Chicago started out as many teams did that day as a club team.
Chicago sports writer Herb Adams called them a bunch of Barbarians in an article & the name stuck when the team joined the PFL in 1922.
The early Chicago teams were dreadful with only three winning season in their first 20 seasons.
The legendary Art Downey who coached the team for 24 years & 2 championships was a pioneer of coaching even though he went into his sixth season as a coach with a losing record.
In 1941 Downey was hired & is credited for perfecting the traditional pro football set which is the base offense for most teams today.
Chicago won two more championships in the 74' & 81' season.
In the last few decades Chicago has not been able to get back to the championship.
In 2010 Ray Brennan was hired as coach to get them back there.
The first step was signing all purpose RB Johnny Joseph to help boost the offense & help second year QB Luke Reiner from carrying the load.
They also signed TE Walter Clay to help WRs BJ Mason & Mukimi Mustafa with the passing & Joseph with the running game.
A good offensive line has helped with All-Pros G Chester Allen & LT Willie Pearson.
The defense is good with DE Jason Armstrong, LB Jimmy Glover, & S Damien Hixson.
Here is the current uniforms with a throwback that was changed in 1971 when new ownership & head coach both came in.
The logos & uniforms were tweaked again in 1998 to some dismay by the fanbase.

The Milwaukee Warriors!
General Manager - thanos4real

One of the first teams to join the PFL in 1920 Milwaukee won several championships in the PFL while being a key player in the new formation of Major League Football.
In 1967 season Milwaukee had a magical run that culminated in the 1968 Championship win over the Kansas City Mustangs.
They were led by the MVP of that season QB Jack Downs who never had another season close to that one.
Milwaukee has not won a championship since but has fielded many competitive teams.
The last several years the reason Milwaukee has been competitive is head coach Steve Pariana.
He has transformed the offense to one of the best in the league led by QB Marc Tolmer, RB Thomas Rivers, WR's Jalen Graham, Rod Wilson, & Anthony Dixon.
Defense has kept them from winning a championship but still has some good pieces to work with in DE Al Jenkins & S Karim Udoka.
Here are the current uniforms with only slight tweaks to the logos over the years.

The Minnesota Grizzlies!
General Manager - Lars Bullitt

The franchise moved from Buffalo after the 1959 season & wanted to completely rebrand.
A fan contest was held in which Black Bears was picked over Huskies, Wolves, & Blizzard.
However after much consideration the new ownership decided on Grizzlies because the name sounded better.
Minnesota has struggled for many years including the last few which led to them getting one of the most successful college coaches.
Most fans were shocked at the hiring of 60 year old Bill Robinson who had not coached in many years and the results have not changed much in his two years.
Ben Harrell was selected to be the franchise QB two years ago but so far has struggled with only 5 wins in two years.
Robinson is a run first guy which has not worked out since they had one of the worst lines in the league but are hoping that free agent T Francisco Carlisle will help.
The skill positions have some talent in RB Devin Holmes, WR's Vernon Harris & Andre Turner, & TE Orlando Sanchez but so far have not been utitlized enough because of the struggling lines & QB's.
The defense does have a a All-Pro CB in Kenny Grant & hope 1st round draft pick DT Kevin Suggs can make an immediate impact.
Here are the current logos & uniforms

The Cleveland Bulldogs!
General Manager -

The Bulldogs history dates back to 1895 when a club team was born.
Cleveland has won the most championships with 13 titles in the first 30 years of the MLF.
They also have the distinction of having the coach with most all time wins in the legendary Poppy Mills at 388 wins in 40 seasons.
Since Mills retired Cleveland has not won any championships but have made the playoffs several times.
Head coach Gary Hargraves is the third longest tenured coach for Cleveland at only 6 seasons.
Last year Hargraves led his team to a first place finish in the National Conference North Division with an 11-5 record.
QB Koy McCord had his best season hitting on 63% of his passes for 3,422 yards 19 TDs with only 8 INTs.
He was helped out by RBs Michael Griffin & Curtis Jones who rushed for over 2k yards combined.
The defense was solid but only had one All-Pro in CB Kenny Oliver.
What a season he had with the most interceptions in the league with 11 & returned 3 for touchdowns.
This year Cleveland is hoping to get to the Championship game for the first time since 1972.
Here are the logos & uniforms

American Conference WEST

The Denver Riders!
General Manager - Loftusranger

Denver was the first team to put a logo on the side of its helmet.
The MLF started doing this with most of their teams soon after.
Denver has always been a winning franchise for the most of their existence even winning two championships in the late 70's led by Hall of Fame RB James Dupree.
Denver in recent years has been one of the best teams in the league since Head Coach John Arnett took over in 2005.
Denver has won the second most games in the league since Arnett has taken over with 75.
They have also made it to 3 of the last 7 American Conference Championships.
However they have not made it to a MLF Championship.
The offense is loaded with QB Vince Morano, RB Calvin Gray, WRs Warren Houston, Jimmy Newsome, & Grant Wells, & TE Larry O'Neal.
The defense also has one of the best DE's in Richard Ellis.
He is complimented by DT Matt Ma'afala, LB Mike Maddox, CB Ronnie Dudley, & S Sammy Robinson.
Here are the current logos & uniforms that have went unchanged since inception.

The San Francisco Hawks!
General Manager - TGS23

The Hawks started out by being a small minor league team 1950 before joining the upstart AAFL.
Like many other AAFL teams they came up with logos or designs for their helmets to make them kinda stand out.
After having some success in the first 30 years of their existence the last 30 years have been rough especially the last decade.
New owner Jeff Guthrie has came in & made several changes in the last few years including coaches, players, logos, & uniforms,
Guthrie has hired first time head coach Marty McPherson to hopefully turn this franchise around.
McPherson's, the former OC for Dallas, first task is to see if Anthony Blake can become a franchise QB.
Blake who has been called a poor mans Marcus King has lived up in one way by not ever completing a 16 game schedule.
Blake does have some good WR's in Ronald Blackwell, Kenard Hamilton, & Erick Mills.
RB Kelvin Clark is solid but the offensive line has struggled but hopes to improve with the signing of veteran LT Melvin Wilkerson.
The defense is the real problem which is why the team drafted DT Kenny Moss number one to help LB Desmond Watson & DE Cedric Powell.
Here is the current logos & uniforms

The Los Angeles Stars!
General Manager - BrainDeadKidFromOuterSpace

James D'Angelo who had previously tried to purchase the Mustang franchise a few years earlier was the first owner to get a chance at the Baltimore Stars franchise.
He purchased the team & immediately moved them to LA.
The team became the an instant "Star" in LA with Hall of Fame RB Cannon Robinson.
LA quickly became the "it" team with many players wanting to play for them.
Their early success has been overshadowed by the last 25 years with six MLF championships.
The first three came under the tutelage of current Indy Head Coach Al Crowell & Hall of Fame QB Brett Barker.
The next three came in 2006, 2009, & 2010 led by what many consider the best QB in the league in Steve Erickson.
Head Coach Ken Cromwell is considered an offensive genius because the team has averaged 400 yds p/game & 30 pts p/game since the 2006 season.
Many can see why the offense is one of the best ever with All-Pro Nate Harrison at WR & trading in 2009 for Calvin Coleman who many consider the second best WR in the league.
Not to mention All-Pros C Jeff Miller, G Morris Davis, & T Dave O'Neill who pave the way for All-Pro RB Alonzo Lewis.
The defense shares in the success with All-Pros DE Kevin Norris, who had 22 sacks last year, DT Marcus Cook, LB Henry Graves, S Eddie Pruitt, & CB Sean Allen.
No wonder why this team has an unprecedented record of 80-16 the last 6 seasons.
Erickson was named MLF MVP after throwing 4427 yards 37 TDS & only 6 Ints while the team went 15-1.
The team was upset in the playoffs by Baltimore in the divisional playoffs 35-31.
LA sees no reason why they cannot be the MLF Champions again this year.
Hear are the current uniforms & logos that have gone almost unchanged since moving to LA

American Conference SOUTH

The Miami Marauders!
General Manager: - will0w08

Miami was awarded an expansion franchise to begin play in 1964!
A name the team contest was done & Marauders was selected over Dolphins, Suns, & Mariners.
Over 20,000 entries were entered & over 800 selected Marauders but Mary Johnson was awarded season passes & declared the official winner of the contest.
The team started off winning its first two games but then went on to lose the next 24 which is still a record for the longest losing streak.
Miami had some of the worst teams in football until they hired Mel Weinhoff as coach in 1983.
Weinhoff has won 288 games & 2 MLF championships in 31 years as the head coach.
However the majority of the games were won with Hall of Fame QB David Dodd who lead the team for 18 years & won 152 games.
After Dodd's retirement in 2000 Miami had several years of average football teams & Weinhoff was on the verge of losing his job until he hired Terry Nolan as OC in 2009.
Miami has won three straight American Conference South titles & Weinhoff has indicated this will be his last year as head coach.
Miami has strong team on offense with QB Chad Kessler, RB Cory Collins, WR's Michael Carter & Delano Dawkins, & TE Mark Reilly
The improvement they need is on defense if they want to give Weinhoff the championship send off.
They do have on of the best Safeties in football with Donovan Green & one of the best middle LB in Rob Manning.
Here are the new logos & uniforms redesigned in 2008.

The Memphis Blues!
General Manager: - Warthog

In 1993 the MLF was deciding between three cities Los Angeles, Memphis, & Tampa Bay to receive two bids for expansion teams.
The ownership group in Los Angeles fell through at the last moment & Memphis was awarded the last franchise.
In a name the team contest the Blues name was picked over Hounddogs & Pharaohs.
The team had some success in their first few years but never finished with a record better than 10-6.
In 2004 Terry Nolan was hired as head coach from college and brought one of the most exciting offenses to the league.
His first move was to pick Chad Kessler #1 in the 2004 draft to be his QB.
The next four years saw Kessler throw for 80 touchdowns & Memphis to post a 39-25 record.
However in 2008 Kessler went down in the first game of the season with an injury & the team finished with a 1-15 record.
As a result of the season & some philosophical agreements with the owners Nolan was fired.
Don Brooks was hired who had several successful runs as head coach in the NFL most recently with the New York Generals.
His first move was to sign free agent RB Otis McNeil from New York who was 34 at the time to help establish a running game which was not a high priority in Nolan's offense.
Kessler who became a free agent as well was signed by Miami who had hired Terry Nolan as offensive coordinator.
The team decided to sign free agent backup QB Brian Garrett to run the new system.
The team also drafted RB Shaun Wallace to boost the running game.
Most of the great receiving corps was also not resigned including Mark Toney who went to Baltimore & Delano Dawkins who signed with Miami.
The one retained was Kendrick Hill who considered the least likely to be a #1 receiver.
However he proved the naysayers wrong catching more passes than any other WR the last 4 years.
Brooks has went 33-31 the last four years & is in jeopardy of losing his job so this year is the biggest for this team.
Here are the logos & uniforms

The Houston Bulls!
General Manager: - TexansFan

In 1965 Houston was awarded a franchise to be placed in the new American Conference of the MLF to bring the league to a total 22 teams starting in 1968.
Houston initially was going to get a team in 1964 but Portland was surprisingly awarded the franchise instead.
Commissioner Paul Morelli wanted a team in the west & Portland Energy Inc. executive George Anderson wanted a team so the deal was done,
Oil tycoon Tubby Richards who was the head of the ownership group for Houston was not happy so Morelli offered him the next franchise to smooth things over & keep him on board.
The team was set to be called the Houston Oilers but the pro baseball team changed their name to that in 1964.
Richards decided on the Bulls as a name & to make the team colors black & gold as a nod to the Oiler name he originally wanted.
Houston has had some great success over the years with hall a famer Boomer Scherer at QB in the late 70's thru the early 90's winning a couple of MLF championships.
The new millennium has not been as great with zero winning seasons.
Head Coach Jim Callahan has brought some hope with 3 straight 7-9 seasons which does not sound like much but the Richards family has given him their full support.
QB Drew Paulus was Callahans choice in 2010 to build the franchise around & he is starting to come around but needs more playmakers on the outside to go along with possesion WR's Virgil Coles & Willie Horn.
The Bulls have a nice offensive line with C Trey Benton, G's Jameer Jackson & Ben Fowler, & T Tony Starks which has paved the way for surprising 2010 5th rd draft pick RB Domanick Gordon.
The defense has struggled stopping the passing game but is excellent at stopping the run with All-Pro DT Mana Kalu.
This year they hope to get their defense solidified with number one draft pick DE Devon Johnson.
Here are their current logos & uniforms which were redesigned in 1996

The Atlanta Blazers!
General Manager: - JanNoord

The year was 1968 when the Blazers began play.
The year previous Atlanta was awarded the expansion team & through fan balloting picked the Blazers name.
The Blazers have been an average team never making it to the MLF Championship.
The franchise has begun to piece together some pieces to finally get the Championship game.
One of the final steps was hiring Rob Riley this past offseason, who at 31, is the youngest coach in MLF history.
The team has drafted well the last three years getting starters RB Rashaan Stewart in 2010, LB Mario Rogers in 2011, & LT Anthony Terry in 2012.
Unknown undrafted QB Jim Fasano became the starting quarterback after 9 seasons of practice squads, playing in minor leagues, & being a backup.
The 2012 season could be the start to getting an MLF Championship Atlanta fans have been hoping for.
Here are the teams current logos & uniforms.

American Conference EAST

The Toronto Rhinos!
General Manager - Bingo415

Toronto was awarded a team when yet another attempt to put a second team in LA did not work.
Rhinos was chosen as the name because MLF Properties was pushing it & Marc Lundhin, owner of the Toronto franchise, liked the name.
The Rhinos have struggled from the get go & have never had a team be above .500 yet.
Head coach Mike Marianella is trying to turn that around.
In his second year he is relying on QB Matt Holecek to finally show he is what the team thought he was coming out of college in 2009.
Skill positions are not lacking as WR Darien Brooks is really coming on & #1 draft pick WR Ahmad Booker is supposed to replace Brooks as the guy.
Offensive Line is good led by second year T Kelenna Butler & G Jeryl Nesbit.
The defense is expecting big things from free agent DE Dwayne Alexander to help a young defense.
Overall Marianella knows he has alot of work to do to get this team above .500.
Here are the the logos & uniforms

The New York Knights!
General Manager - 12uKnights

The Knights have always been the other New York team since moving over from the AAFL in 1959.
The team has never won or made it to a championship.
The best player in franchise history is Frank Parrella one of the best QBs in the 60's & 70's.
The team seems to be in the right direction since head coach Jim Novak arrived in 2010.
Novak was defensive coordinator for the Dallas Marshals in all of their championship runs in the last decade.
His defense is one of the best even though he has only one name player in Leon Jack who is one of the best OLB in the game.
The offense is starting to come around with 3rd year QB Drew Rodgers at the helm.
Rodgers has several weapons in TE Chad Stewart who is considered a rising star along with WR's Houston Haywood, Amare Thomas, & Turner Hill.
The offensive line is a strength with T Kareem Thomas & G Antonio Richmond leading the way for powerful RB Travis Price.
This team seems to be ready to take the next step & become a contender in the American Conference East Division.
Here are the current uniforms

The Pittsburgh Miners!
General Manager - JB90

In 1926 when Pittsburgh joined the PFL they changed their name to the Pittsburgh Miners.
This was a nod to mining in the area & in Pennsylvania.Pittsburgh was the third team to lose to the Cleveland Bulldogs in their march to 5 MLF titles. Pittsburgh did not make it to an MLF Championship again until Hall of Fame QB Dan Torrelli came to the team in 1976.
Torrelli, a Pittsburgh native, played at the University of Pittsburgh before becoming the #1 draft pick of the Miners. Although Torrelli did not win a championship he is still the most beloved player in Pittsburgh.
He was the all time leader in passing when he retired in 1993.
After almost twenty seasons removed from Torrelli Pittsburgh has struggled at QB.
However in the last three seasons Mike Garcia has filled the role better than anyone else had.
One reason is that Pittsburgh probably has the best WR trio in the league with Devin Watts, Alvin Hayward, & Darnell McClendon.
Head coach Russ Lowry likes to run the ball first & play good defense.
It is hard not to like to run the ball with all purpose back Aaron Freeman & an offensive line led by G Jim Avezzano & T Jamaal Harris.
The defense is strong under DC Gill Thomas with one of the best pass rushing LBs in Alando James. The defense also boasts three other players who have made All-Pro at one point in their career in DT Maurice Rush , DE Hakim Jackson, & CB Amare Childress.
Pittsburgh is a solid team looking to build on their second place finish in the AC East last year.Here are their current logo & uniforms which have gone basically unchanged in their history.

The Baltimore Bombers!
General Manager: - raymattison21

The year was 1948 when Baltimore began play. At the time they were simply named the Baltimore Athletics Football Club.
In 1950, owner Jim Lawrence picked Bombers as the team name because of the B-26 Marauder plane used in World War 2 that was produced in Baltimore.
The Baltimore franchise has been struggling for over 50 years after winning three MLF Championships in the 51', 56', & 57' seasons.
Hope has begun for the franchise since head coach Vic Roman arrived in 2006.
The team drafted franchise RB Warren Davis in that same year.
And the signing of free agent veteran QB Brett Sullivan & electric WR Mark Toney in 2008 have also helped.
In 2011 Baltimore lost to the eventual MLF Champions, the Indianapolis Racers in the American Conference Championship game.
Here are the teams current logos & uniforms.

American Conference NORTH

The Cincinnati Kings!
General Manager - fhunt3

The second incarnation of the Kings were not related to the original Kings that was the last team to fold in the MLF.
The first Kings franchise did not win much & as result no longer exist.
Unfortunately this Kings club has not had alot of success either.
Head coach Ron Colleto is trying to change that culture in only his second year.
QB Kyle Ryan had a resurrection of his career last year under offensive coordinator Steve Clement.
Even so the team went 0-4 down the stretch without RB Leroy Blackmon in the backfield.
The skill positions are set with WRs Wesley Thompson, Charles Malone, & Jamaal Jones as well as TE John Kendall.
The team had two first round draft picks in LT JaMarcus Barnes & LB Clay Walters which they hope will strengthen the two weakest part of the team last year.
Their best defensive player on the 27th ranked defense was DE Kwame Johnson.
The bottom line for this team is they play in one of the best divisions in football & need to get alot better just to compete for playoff spot,
Here are there current logos & uniforms

The Detroit Autos!
General Manager -

In 1922 The Detroit Automobile Co was one of many automobile manufacturers in the country.
Owner John Franks wanted to find a way to get his company more exposure.
He started out by having a company football team made up of ex-college football stars who also worked for him.
One such player Milas Mundy, who also was the coach, convinced him to enter the team in the newly created Professional Football League.
Franks agreed & made Mundy player coach but wanted to call the team the Detroit Autos with his company as the sponsor.
Mundy went on to coach for 41 years & was with the club, later as the general manager/minority owner, until the day he died in 1976.
Detroit won four PFL championships & played in six MLF Championship games during Mundy's coaching career but was only was able to win one championship losing to the Boston Admirals four of the five times.
Detroit has not made it back to the championship game since that time but has had many good teams since.
In the last few years Detroit has had one of the best quarterbacks in the league in Marcus King when he has been healthy.
Unfortunately, that has not been very much in the last three years missing the entire season in 2011 & parts of 2009 & 2010 seasons.
They have had a great backup in Jeff Gannon but he has now the starting QB for Philadelphia.
The division they play in is tough competing with Indianapolis & St. Louis who have won three of the last five championships.
Head coach Willie Jenkins is entering his third year at the helm for Detroit & is hoping this will be his best with a healthy King, RB Robert Hines, one of the best but aging WR duos in the league in Tim Mills & Talman Jackson on offense.
Jenkins is a defensive guy & is still trying to get that side of the ball where he wants it but does have some solid pieces in DE Cedric Grant & CB's Darren Thomas & Rasheed Stoudamire.
Here are the current uniforms that have not been changed much

The Indianapolis Racers!
General Manager - Pernbronze

The Racers were the second expansion team awarded to begin play in 1988 along with the Phoenix Firebirds.
Racers was the overwhelming pick from a fan ballot in 1986.
The first 15 years was a struggle with only one winning season & no playoff appearances.
After a 1-15 season in 1998 Indianapolis picked QB Trent Johnson as the #1 overall pick in what is considered the best QB draft ever.
In 2001 they drafted what many consider the best WR of all time in Derek Taylor.
In 2005 the Racers lured Al Crowell out of retirement to become head coach.
Crowell is the only coach in league history to lead multiple franchises to the Championship game.
The final piece of the puzzle was drafted in 2006 when RB Lorenzo Smith was selected in the first round.
In 2007 Indy won their first championship with a powerful offense that also included TE Wes McGhee & do it all FB Sam Strong.
The Defense is also one of the best in the league led by DE Andre Warrick, DT Anthony Harrell, LB Dexter Singleton, & CB Stanley Townsend.
The 2011 Champions are looking for one more before this team is dismantled with the 65 year old Crowell at HC, 35 year old Johnson at QB, & seven starting players facing free agency.
Here are there current uniforms

(I've reached out to Brent Leach to offer him a donation for his franchise makeups, and graphics. I have yet to hear back from him so until then, here are the photobucket copyrighted images)
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Re: The Franchises of The Major Football League

By Hondo
2/03/2022 8:06 pm
Wow..that's really cool. You put a lot of time and effort into this league. Now i like my franchise even more because of their uniforms. I'm a huge Penn State fan and the Boston Admirals's unis look a lot like Penn States.


Re: The Franchises of The Major Football League

By Braindeadkidfromouterspace - League Admin
2/04/2022 9:26 am
Thanks, Hondo.

Honestly I just found the creator of all these team concepts you're going to see in the next few days. All I had to do was shop all of the team graphics for your team page, but the credit for all these team concepts you're going to see goes to Brent Leach! He also came up with the history of each franchise. All him

Really happy with all 16 GMs so far. I'll fill this puppy in the next 4-5 days, and we should be good to go by midweek next week for the allocation!
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